About Us

From a restaurant only four tables with 20 hotels in the years 1957 in Bangkok-Thailand, Hong Kong cuisine style. The couple Srichai Phaphenonphon was very successful when they expanded the scale and restaurant to Soi Tantarwan called Coca Suki restaurant.
The name Coca in Chinese reads "KEKOU" meaning delicious.
Coca = Delicious (Enjoy) Suki = Hotpot embedded
Coca Suki = Hot pot
This is the first Coca Suki restaurant to kick off the development of the Coca Suki restaurant system in many countries today. The new engine of Hot Pot Suki and "Malaria" especially with the combination of essence nature from the nature has made the name of the chain of Coca Suki restaurant.
In 1984, when Mr. Pitaya Phaphensonphon was the next generation of karma. With a strategic vision, he established a professional restaurant management company and processing plant for clients of Coca Suki restaurants.